Any fans of the show Impractical Jokers? If you aren't, it's a show about four lifelong friends who coerce one another into doing public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras. After watching one of their episodes last night, I find myself struggling about something. Let me explain.

One of their stunts had to do with a hotdog stand. In the middle of the stunt, Brian Quinn said something last night that triggered a question. Why are hotdogs called "hotdogs"?
Shouldn't they be called hotpigs? Legit questions?

Here's some Gator Country feedback on the matter.

Jason Landry What about a beef weiner?

Dana Comeaux When I was little I was scared I was actually eating dogs... Lol

Miranda Granger Hotcows if they're kosher

Jonathan Jimney Or hot "parts".

Heather McDaniel Courville To make you ask questions and it worked. Ha

This morning, Erin and I had a caller say she'd not only support the Hotpig Movement but also support corndogs changed to cornpigs.

Could you imagine walking up to a food vender at a fair and asking for a cornpig? LOL

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