So we have all seen the Fidget Spinners.  They are everywhere from at big box retailers to gas stations to heck even at your local grocery stores now.  Now they have an app for the darn toy!

This little gadget has caught fire and every kid has to have one.  I was looking on Snap chat and saw a mother who had Snapped a video of her son playing with a Fidget Spinner.

I had to look a little closer to see that the kid was actually playing with the Fidget Spinner on his phone. Yes they have a Fidget Spinner App now. He didn't have the actual physical spinner but instead was playing and spinning the darn thing on his phone.

The app is up on iTunes and can be downloaded for free or you can pay to upgrade your experience.  Geez!

I mean doesn't that defeat the purpose of having the actual toy?  I guess in this day and age of technology, we are so lazy that we can't even lift the actual toy to play with.

Fidget Spinner fun or dumb?  What do you think?  I feel like as fast as it came is how fast it will leave.  I hope the fidget spinner founder is stashing the mega cash they are making.  I don't think it will last to much longer.

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