Well, it's that time of the year when we set our clocks back an hour and mark the end of daylight saving time.

This means you will get an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour for your weekend to do stuff. What it really means is that your body and your internal clock will have to get adjusted to the new time.

Some folks who work a long day will go to work and it will be dark and when they get off it will be dark, kind of like living in Alaska or something.

It will start getting dark early, but the good news is that with temperatures falling in Southwest Louisiana, you won't have to worry about your grass growing so you don't have to rush home to do yard work before it gets dark.

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So make sure to remember to set back your clocks one hour when you head to bed Saturday night. I am, of course, referring to your stove clock and clocks on the wall and your car or truck.

Your cell phone will just change by itself. Ah, modern technology.

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