So, last week I got all nostalgic about the days when my family would go crabbing down along the Texas coast. It was something I always enjoyed, but haven't done in years. I miss the fun of it, but most of all, I miss sitting down to a great meal of blue crabs fresh from the Gulf.

Sometimes we would do the traditional crabbing. You know what I'm talking about. I piece of twine, a net and something crabs like tied to the string. My mom was a big believer in salt pork and, as I recall, it worked pretty darn well.

Well, thanks to you, I now know some places to go crabbing right here at home. As you can see from the chart below, suggestions were pretty evenly divided between the Cameron Jetty and Rockefeller Refuge.

Actually "Rockefeller Refuge" was a write-in and enough people wrote it in that it darned nearly topped the poll. The Cameron Jetty seems to be a well know, popular place. I think I may give that one a shot real soon.





I had to look up Rockefeller Refuge, because I had never heard of it, but it sure looks promising. Here's a map in case you're also not familiar with it

Google Maps









I'm going to try my luck. I hope I don't catch an alligator. I like adventure, but there's no sense in being stupid about it.

thanks for taking our poll. I now know where to try my luck.