Both the LSU Tigers and OSU Sooners must allow the press and media to attend their practice for up to 15 minutes for coverage. Both teams made each one of their eligible players available for interviews with all of the press that wanted to chat.

In the interviews with the press, both teams seemed to have a lot of respect for each other, with minimal trash talk. OSU mentioned that the LSU defense cannot be stopped, but their hope to to slow them down as much as possible. LSU's Coach O talked about how OSU's defense contains a middle linebacker that is one of the best in the game currently. Coach O went on to talk about how although it is tough being new to the playoff, it also can mean they have an advantage. The sense of pride of being there meaning so much to him and his team.

After all of the interviews, LSU and OSU headed for practice. Once again, the teams were required to let the media into their areas for up to 15 minutes. Normally, the media would use this time to spot light practicing players and show them getting ready for the game. That wasn't really the case when they arrived to watch LSU. Video from Jacques Doucet (@JacquesDoucet) shows LSU literally standing around with their helmets in their hands. Some are sipping on Gatorade, even their holy grail quarterback Joe Burrow was just walking around during the required 15 min of press coverage. According to Jacque, this is not the first time LSU has snubbed off the media from watching them practice. It is apparently typical.

Call it what you want, but I personally find this absolutely hilarious and just another way to show how different we are in Louisiana. Could secrets have been found out during this 15 min of media coverage showing the team practicing? Perhaps not, but perhaps so. Either way, it's a power move in my opinion!



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