Onlookers in Winnie, Texas got a strange sight followed by a horrifying one as a plane crashed in the middle of Highway 124 mid-morning. The plane was being used as a parade float for the Rice Festival Parade on Saturday. It was being pulled during the parade by another vehicle. According to the Chambers County Sheriff's office, after the parade ended, the pilot of the plane decided that instead of pulling it back to where it is stored, it would be easier to go ahead and fly it back. That's when things went south quickly.

attachment-Chambers County Sheriff's Office

Video shows the plane on the highway taking off, becoming airborne, and then flying right into a set of lines that stretch across the highway from telephone poles. We have all seen enough movies to know what happens in this scenario, and we have also seen what could possibly happen when it does.

Thankfully, no one was reported as injured after the crash. We can assume an ego or two was certainly hurt as a result. The pilot was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Authorities are saying strong winds were a factor in the crash. Personally, I think it was the mass in between the pilot's ears known as a brain. Either way, we are glad everyone was safe, and the plan was the only thing that got truly hurt in the incident.

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