Now I have seen it all!  We all know Walmart sells everything from candles to chlorine but now they sell Live Crawfish?  What Walmart now sells Live Crawfish?

Yes the do!  I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and stopped in my tracks when I saw the post from the Walmart on Nelson Road in Lake Charles that they are now selling live crawfish!

I was like WHAT???  Being from Louisiana all my life and loving crawfish, my first question is where they getting them from and what's the size?

Second, where did they get em?  Wait I said that already LOL.  I guess I am still concerned about that.

Walmart Crawfish (Facebook)
Walmart Crawfish (Facebook)

Well from there post they are boasting that they indeed are selling live crawfish sacks and they are going for $2.88 a pound.

So the next time you go to Walmart on Nelson Road in Lake Charles you can buy you some light bulbs, get you oil changed, grab you some deodorant and heck while your there grab a sack of live crawfish!

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