In the world of social media these days, who writes letters any more? Apparently this person does. Multiple bars across SWLA, including Wayne Hardin of Wayne's Bar in Sulphur, received this letter. The name has been blacked out to protect said "mistress scammer". It seems extremely fishy and very much an extreme length to go to (but that's just my opinion).

According to the letter, said mistress "woos" in a victim that is married. Things escalate quickly and she winds up pregnant. Here's the kicker, supposedly the with-child mistress kicks in her plan into high gear. She doesn't want the married "victim" to have his life ruined, so she asks for money.

bar letter

Lots of takeaways from this little lesson, should it be actually true and not just a disgruntled ex trying to defame someone. Obviously the biggest one is that people still write letters. The next one being that it should have been properly proofread.

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