Ah, I remember these days quite well! The quest for the ONE THING needed for Ms So & So's class. My summer obstacle course for supplies has lightened up over the years but the demand is still there for the next generation of parents in Southwest Louisiana.

So, when it comes to your kid's supply list, what is the hardest item to find?

Crystal... Them special pencils that prek has to have!!! I have looked all over and still can't find them and most store don't even know what they are!!

Krystle... Unfortunately, orange plastic folders with brads and pockets. Oh! But I did find the other 11 plastic folders (in specific colors) the school said they "needed".

Lisa... I'm the one at Wal-Mart the night before the first day of school and finding every color folder imaginable except the one I need. Wait! Here it is! Nope, fooled you. It doesn't have pockets! LOL

Jennifer... Two green plastic folders with NO pockets or brads. Wtf do you need those for? And what is it?!?

Katharine... Color specific plastic folders with brads... Pretty sure the folder companies know we need red blue yellow and green and yet send nothing but grey to the stores... No body wants grey!!! Well except my color blind son, lol he has no preference.

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