The Whataburger franchise has been family owned and operated for sixty-nine years. Now, it's been sold off to a company based in Chicago called BDT Capital Partners. The new company also owns various chains restaurants such as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Currently in the US, there are 828 Whataburgers over ten states. According to BDT, they will begin looking at options to expand into more states and locations. The people of Texas are not happy about the change to their flagship burger joint and took to social media to complain. Whataburger replied...

Texas, we don't want you to be upset. We will always be Texan and represent you in a way that makes you proud. #believethat

Is it believable? Only time will tell. The Houston Texans' very own J.J. Watt got involved, charging the burger fans to pool their money together and buy the franchise back from BDT. I'm sure that will work. Next we will see a GoFund me for Whataburger.

Whataburger (Photo taken by Mike Soileau)
Whataburger (Photo taken by Mike Soileau)

On the upside, with the new acquisition, perhaps we might finally see the possibility of one coming back to SWLA. It seems more promising now than ever.

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