Hey gang, this is Kris St. James. Would you do me a favor? Make this day the best day you can. I hope I'm not asking for TOO too much?

Just try. You can do it. You can!

It might be an easy choice for you...

For some, it's a difficult thing I ask... for you I say this... close your eyes, take a deep breath & slowly exhale.... now I need you to focus on the most important things on your lengthy list of demands and complete them.

You can do this!


What's the catch?

If you truly want to know, it is this... I have been blessed with a 25 year career of doing what I truly love thanks to a fine mixture of family, friends, and fans... and I just wanted to give each of you something today.

I wanted you to start your day knowing that there is someone here that believes in You.

A friend



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