Over the weekend, we took to Facebook to ask you fine folks who your favorite Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Zydeco artists of all time are, and the comments started flooding into the page with your favorites.

There are so many great Louisiana Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Zydeco artists past and present who have made their marks on our culture and music forever, so we know it was a hard choice to pick just one.

Cajun music is known for a traditional sound with the fiddle, steel guitar, and the age-old dialect of singing in Cajun French. Swamp Pop music isn't easily described. I like to say it's Motown meets Louisiana with a rock and roll influence. Now when it comes to Zydeco music, it is in-your-face, get-you-hyped-up dancing music that is played with a traditional ten button accordion but mostly with the triple row button accordion that has a really unique sound.

We received votes for artists in the Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Zydeco genres, and we wanted to share your favorites.

These are in no particular order, but this list was compiled by your votes via our Facebook question. Seeing that I have been privileged to play Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Zydeco music for the past 30 years, I found pictures of me with your favorite artists along with some I never had the pleasure to meet.

Your Favorite Cajun, Swamp Pop, and Zydeco Artists of All Time

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Louisiana Music's Biggest Hits

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