WalletHub.com came out with their 2017 list of the Best & Worst States to Raise a Family and, yet again, Louisiana finds itself at the bottom.

Have these people even lived in Louisiana? It's great! Louisiana is a state with so much, culture, beauty and history, it's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to raise a family here. Seriously, I don't know one Louisianian what would say "Ehhh, I wish I raised my family in another state".

But according to WalletHub, Louisiana ranks 48th best on the list, which technically makes us 4th worst. I guess we can be happy that we aren't the worst, like New Mexico.

So, how did they come up with these rankings? The team at WalletHub rated each state on 40 key indicators or family-friendliness, which includes things like “median family salary” to “housing affordability” to “unemployment rate.”

Clearly, Louisiana was not up to their family-friendliness standards, but there was one state that was. North Dakota. That's right, North Dakota has been named 2017's Best State to Raise a Family.

I've never been to North Dakota, so I feel like I can't judge too harshly, but what does North Dakota have that Louisiana doesn't? I mean, I don't even know anyone that lives in North Dakota!

Check out the rankings of the other 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, on WalletHub's list of the Best & Worst States to Raise a Family.

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