The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education have recommended a teacher pay increase with their new proposed budget.

BESE recently approved a new Minimum Foundation Program formula for the next school year. If the state legislature approves the new budget, it would increase to $80 million with $40 million allocated to annual teacher and support staff pay raises. If approved, teachers statewide would see an annual pay raise of $400 and support staff would get a $200 raise.

BESE President Sandy Holloway said this effort is to bring the pay of Louisiana teachers and support staff more toward the national average. Data from the Southern Regional Education Board shows Louisiana teachers make on average of $50,288/year compared to $53,340/year nationally.

The BESE-approved budget also includes $2,000 compensation for certified mentor teachers. The new proposed pay increase will be on top of the already proposed Louisiana teacher pay raise from Governor Edwards for the 2021-2022 executive budget. The next legislative session to vote on this matter will be on April 12.

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