Chris Stapleton's upcoming album, "From A Room: Volume 2", will be out December 1st.

He just released a new track called "Millionaire" from his new unreleased record, and it's got the typical "Chris Stapleton feel" to it.  The music is gentle, and it's combined with his strong vocals.

His wife, Morgane Stapleton, lends her talents on backing vocals on this country-soul cover of Kevin Welch's 2001 song "Millionaire."

Chris also recently released the song titles for his upcoming release.

From A Room: Volume 2 tracklist:

1. "Millionaire"
2. "Hard Livin'"
3. "Scarecrow In The Garden"
4. "Nobody's Lonely Tonight"
5. "Tryin' To Untangle My Mind"
6. "A Simple Song"
7. "Midnight Train To Memphis"
8. "Drunkard's Prayer"
9. "Friendship"

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