It's possible that Southwest Louisiana may experience hard freeze conditions next week, so ahead of the forecasted winter weather, the City of Lake Charles is not only monitoring the weather, but also encouraging residents to prepare "by protecting their pets, pipes, and plants." It's also a good idea to cover your outside faucets.

Public works crews will be monitoring road conditions as temperatures drop. Motorists should take necessary precautions and avoid areas that may be iced over. Citizens noticing an area that creates a hazard as a result of the freeze should contact the Lake Charles Police Department at 491-1311.

If residents need assistance, resources, or to escape the cold weather, also contact the Lake Charles Police Department at 491.1311. There are places (community partners, church's) ready to assist the homeless population in SWLA with a place to keep warm.

In the meantime, continue to monitor the weather conditions by tuning into your local news and radio stations, as well as the National Weather Service.

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