A new business has opened up here in Lake Charles. Georges Homsi, the owner of Homsi's and the restaurant Cousins, has opened up a new location where the old Hackett's Cajun Kitchen was located at 5614 Gerstner Memorial Blvd in South Lake Charles.

Hackett's closed permanently on July 15, 2020. Hackett's was a staple in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana for many years with their signature home cooking and plate lunches.

It looks like Homsi's is going to pick up where Hackett's left off. The new restaurant features hot food, plate lunches, and even a meat counter. They will be serving plate lunches, sausage, boudin, cracklins, pork chops, BBQ ribs, jambalaya, gumbo, and more.

(Photo provided by Gina Caldarera)
(Photo provided by Gina Caldarera)

Attention hunters, Homsi's will also be doing the processing for you! They said they will be processing deer sausage and will even ship it. The new Homsi's will be open Monday through Saturday from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm each day and closed on Sundays.

The store officially opened today at 6:00 am with plate lunches and other hot food to enjoy for lunch or dinner. You can call in your orders at 337-429-5042. It is so nice to see another locally owned business opening up right here in Southwest Louisiana.
Want to see inside the new store? Here are some photos for you to check out.


So stop by and grab some good eats and support a great local business in the Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles area. Your tummy will thank you for it!

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