For the last four months I have been growing out the hair on my chinny chin chin. Why? Honestly, just to see how long I can, well before I get tired of it.

So, I ask Gator friends and family if it's time for a beardless Kristopher St. James or do I keep the beard. Here's some of their feedback.

Kris St. James

Terri Dempsey Actually i like a thin beard, slims those pudgy cheeks! Thicker beard, not so much!

Norma Gesner You have a nice face don't cover it up!

Brandy Brady Goat-t but never shave it. Trim ok.

Albert Daigle Long lost Duck Dynasty family member lol

Mike Soileau Shave it and the mystery of jimmy Hoffa will be solved! Lol

Penny Miller Short beard. Too long and men begin too either appear homeless or just unkempt.

Heath Rhorer Summer times around the corner, clean

Bruce Merchant You Bray Wyatt lookin bastid!

Tess Lacomb Beards are always better lol

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated!