You just thought you were going on that diet for the new year, think again. FYI, I don't know that there is a KETO friendly King Cake.

If you are wanting to get in on the Mardi Gras action this season, here is a great list of dates and events going on!

January 6 - 12th Night - The Lake Charles Civic Center will be the spot for it this year. Tickets are 7 dollars at the door, and attendees can view all of the past court members of Krewes from the Lake Area.

January 26 - Children's Mardi Gras Ball - The Krewe Des Coullion Cadien's Inagural Children/Tennage Ball for ages 10-16 will be at the Westlake Managan Center

Feb 15 - Mardi Gras Community Dance - Starting at 6pm, the annual Community Dance is open to the public and presented by the City of Lake Charles and the Community Inclusion group. It is free to attend and will be at the Lake Charles Civic Center

Feb 23  - Vinton Mardi Gras Parade - The revived Vinton Mardi Gras Parade features a gumbo cook-off hosted by the Knights of Columbus. The gumbos will be free to taste after the parade that begins at 1pm. Parade atendees are encouraged to go to the Hall after the parade for dancing, and some gumbo eating

Feb 28 - Sulphur Mardi Gras Parade - Beginning at 6pm the Sulphur Mardi gras parade will feature local Krewes, Merchants, and other organizations rolling down Cypress St in Sulphur.

Feb 28 - Lighted Boat Parade - 7pm, stand and watch these beautiful boats, cruisers, and probably someone's uncle in an aluminum boat roll by the Lake Charles Seawall

March 1 - Merchant's Parade Lake Charles - Starting at 7pm, the Merchant's Parade in Lake Charles is one of the largest parades to go down Ryan Street during the Mardi Gras season. Local organizations and businesses pile on to floats, trucks, and trailers to kick off the parades.

March 2 - Krewe of Omega Parade - 2pm in Lake Charles, starting at Broad Street, the Omega Krewe has been in Lake Charles since the 70's.

March 3 - Children's Parade - 330pm, the Children's parade is on of the most fun and loud day-parades in Lake Charles. Kids line up and down Ryan Street in Downtown Lake Charles as they await the showers of candy and beads.

Stay tuned for Mardi Gras Day activities! This list should be enough to hold you over for now! Happy Mardi Gras!

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