This weekend I find myself thankful for the opportunity to make a 25 year career in radio broadcasting. I got started in 1990 at KEZM... and have never looked back.
Growing up, my station of choice was Bayou 104. As a listener, I was a huge fan of Mark Roberts & Don Rivers. My idea of the business was play anything you want, talk anytime you want, talk to tons of girls, go to any concert you want.. yada yada yada...

I think most teenagers who are fans of the business think that.

My radio travels include Q101, KJAE, LA99, Cajun Country 92.9, KYKZ, KTIC, 106 KIX, KZ100... & now at Gator 99.5.

Radio influences ... Dale Mann, Hal Comeaux, Mike Ruiz, Jim Nettles, David Chimeno, Penny Scogin, Micah Boone, Dean Johnson, David Morgan, Gary Shannon, Craig Larson, Kevin LaFleur, Bruce Merchant, Bruce Mikells, Eric Nielson, Don Kellogg, Larry LeBlanc, and lastly Rob Robin.

Each of you have impacted my career in some way... from working side by side, or is it the fascinating radio stories... probably both. Lol

I'm blessed to continue a career I truly love and I'm thankful for each of you, I've work with along the way...

Today, Erin Davison and I get Gator Country up and at em every weekday morning on Gator 99.5. She's the seventh cohost in 25 years to team up with me. Seven in 25 years?

I am not THAT hard to work with, huh?


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