I wasn't aware that Jesus had a Lyft or Uber account. A man in Tennessee decided to take the phrase Jesus take the wheel quote literally. Obviously the phrase is meant to inspire you to allow Jesus guide you down the right path and steer you in the correct direction. Although I am sure the Lord and Savior can get you to Heaven, I doubt he has the skills to maneuver a speeding vehicle.

Car Crash
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Chad decided he was going to literally let Jesus have the wheel of his car. According to the police report, he and "JC" had been speaking to each other in his car in tongues and wanted to let the Lord go ahead and drive for a while. In doing so, Chad's car flipped multiple times. When the police arrived on the scene, they discovered marijuana, cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, two crown bottles mostly empty, and several cans that were used to huff chemicals such as paint. Chad and the Lamb of God were set up to party.

Jesus couldn't quite save Chad in this situation, he was arrested and the authorities feel strongly that the Son of Man was not a fault for the accident. I am assuming they let Him go free.

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