This heat is obnoxious in Southwest Louisiana. Yesterday the heat index was over 110 degrees which is causing air conditioners here in SWLA to work overtime.

I know this personally as yesterday my air conditioner at my house just couldn't keep up with the rising temperatures. Yesterday at Noon the temperature in my house was 79 degrees even though we had the thermostat set at 69 degrees.

The temperature just kept rising in the house throughout the day. And I had folks come out to the house to work on it. They worked on it for three hours and it still isn't working properly.

Last night, we tried to sleep to no success as the temperature rose to 85 degrees in the house so needless to say, we didn't sleep much last night. Even our dog was sleeping on top of the covers which is odd for his needy self. LOL

Coincidently, Chad Austin my morning show partner's air conditioner went out at midnight as well. He said his temperature this morning was all the way up to 88 degrees.

Folks all over Southwest Louisiana are dealing with the same problem which has air conditioner repair folks overwhelmed with work.

Just remember to keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and have fans available if possible. If you have any window units left over from the hurricane, now may be the time to break them out to get you and your family some relief.

Please be careful and don't hesitate to call for assistance from your family and friends.

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