Wondering what events are held at the summer games and what the schedule is? Wondering if there are any Louisiana athletes at this years games? Want to keep track of the metal count with an app? We've got it for you.





The 2012 Summer Olympics feature events like Badminton, Diving, Fencing, Equestrian events and more. London is six hours ahead of us and some events begin at 8:30am London time. That means live streaming coverage begins here at 3:30am. Here is a full schedule.  Anyone for a late night snack and some Olympic Table Tennis coverage?

There are some Louisiana athletes and ties to Louisiana on the 2012 US Olympic team. They will compete in the long jump, hurtle, trampoline gymnastics and basketball. Read more here.

As of press time the US is trailing China by one medal. Maybe a Louisiana native can even the count. If you want to keep up to date on the metal count go get the app.

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