The 5,000 store chain located in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi is adding 2 more locations to that number. Started by Anthony Rouse in Thibodeaux, LA, the market style store has grown in size exponentially since 1923.

The focus is on locally grown products in their area to then sell to consumers. Before the 2 stores opening in Carlyss and Mossbluff, the closest one was in Lafayette, and my favorite place to go to when visiting. Call it a crossbreed between a local market and bigger chains. It features a full butcher, bakery, and much more. They will even age steaks for you in house!

The Carylss store will be having a hiring event at the end of this month at the Holiday-Inn Sulphur. July 26-28 from 10am to 5pm. The Holiday-Inn is located in Sulphur at 330 Arena Road.

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