If you are from Lake Charles or Southwest Louisiana, then you have bound to have passed by the Bilbo Cemetary one time or another. You may not have even realized that you passed by it.

Have you ever stopped and walked around the old cemetery? Did you know that the man known as "The Father of Lake Charles" John Jacob Ryan is buried there? He was born February 14, 1816, and died on December 17, 1899.

Ryan Gravestone (YouTube)
Ryan Gravestone (YouTube)

That is where the name of the busiest road in Lake Charles was named after, Ryan Street.

Just in front of John Jacob Ryan's grave is Issac Ryan's grave. In the film you will watch below, you will find out how he died in the Civil War era.

There are only about 20 or so graves in the cemetery but it is one of the oldest in Louisiana and houses graves from World War One veterans as well.

We were rolling through YouTube today and found a video from a channel called Unkown Ventures and a guy named Robbie who stopped and shoot a video in the old cemetery. During the tour, he gives us some really cool info on some of the people and history behind the people buried there.

Ready to be creeped out a little? Let's take a tour together.

We hope you found that kind of interesting. Next time you on the part of Lakeshore drive that runs parallel to I-10 Eastbound, stop by and see this historic and creepy cemetery for yourself.

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