You know I go dig deep around YouTube to find random videos. This one is 8 years old. I ran across it on Facebook, and just had to go searching for it.

Pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church in Tennessee was asked to give the opening prayer for a NASCAR race. We have all heard opening prayers, but not like this one. Pastor Joe starts out strong with Heavenly Father we thank you tonight for all of your blessings...

pastor joe 2

Strong opening, and I wouldn't have expected anything else. As the camera looks out over the racers and the crowd, you start to hear him mention how thankful he is for the machines on the track. Then he lists out manufacturers of those cars.

pastor joe 3

The "NASCAR Congregation" starts to realize where Pastor Joe is going with this and reacts. As he continues, the Baptist in him really starts to flow as he thanks the Lord for his smokin hot wife!

I now just need Pastor Joe to pray for me daily. My mom is all about some praying, but I think Pastor Joe has her beat.

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