I am all for gossip and tea. I don't know that I have ever really written about a twisted love story, but it was either this or the stock market debacle. Over the past few days, I have started to see random memes pop up about some guy named Jason Collier. I paid it no mind. Drama happens. However, yesterday evening, I finally decided to jump down the rabbit hole of this story. Lord have mercy, it was interesting.

Jason Collier is a chief of police in Texas. Collier's girlfriend, not sure which number she is, posted a photo of her and her beloved. Another one of Collier's lady friends saw the image because she was actually friends with the girl. This is where we spiral out of control and into a Lifetime movie situation.

The internet police began to scour social media posts, looking for more romantic situations the 41-year-old might have been involved in. It was discovered Collier not only had multiple fiancées, but also an entire wife! He would go on vacations with these unsuspecting women while telling the others he was on various work assignments.

There is a lot more to this entire story that I am obviously leaving out. It has gotten to the point now that Collier has removed his Facebook page. The city of Stinnett took to their page and released a statement stating they are investigating the situation and looking to see if there are any violations of the city employment policy. They have also placed him on administrative leave according to their post.

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