Searching for ideas on what to share today. I decided to go with my ole reliable search. "Chris Stapleton". Baby Stapes has always offered me good things to write about. When I searched for him this time on YouTube, however, I wasn't expecting to find what I did. Introducing YouTuber, cooldaddyjames2814.

creepy review 2

Apparently his 390 subscribers enjoy his shirtless, uneducated, and completely creepy reviews of music videos. He goes on to watch the video of Justin Timberlake and Baby Stapes "Say Something" (while you can't see it), blaring on his tv as you stare at the king of no shirts. Midway through he picks up a squirt bottle and squirts his arms and back, I'm guessing to keep cool. He also comments how the duo calling the song a "Feature" is incorrect and should be called a duet.

creepy review

Enjoy Cooldaddyjames2814's review!

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