We received a ton of our listeners ugly truck photo's,  but now it's time to get one step closer to finding the ugliest truck in Southwest Louisiana. Chris Boyett from Speedway Motors has chosen the top 5 ugly truck contest finalists.

Check them out!

Ugly Truck Contest Finalist #1 - Dominic Holloway

Dominic Holloway - Ugly Truck

Ugly Truck Contest Finalist #2 - Duston Erwin

Ugly Truck - Duston Erwin

Ugly Truck Contest Finalist #3 - Misty Taylor

Misty Taylor - Ugly Truck

Ugly Truck Contest Finalist #4 - Latisha Gentry

Latisha Gentry - Ugly Truck

Ugly Truck Contest Finalist #5 - Robert Conner

Ugly Truck

These 5 trucks are in the running for the title of ugliest truck in Southwest Louisiana, as well as $2,500 to Speedway Motors to trick out their truck!

Chris Boyett and the Gator 99.5 crew will be at Speedway Motors, 1501 Hwy 14, on National Ugly Truck Day, July 20th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to pick the winner of the ugly truck contest. Stop by and see some of the ugliest trucks in the Lake Area!