They've got it going on across the "pond." The Glitter Coffin Company in the UK can keep you looking extra and fantastic even in the grave with their glitter coffins.

A sister company of the Glitter Furniture Company, the coffin company will help you keep shining as bright as your future, even when you're dead. The coffins are made to order in the UK and usually ship in 7-10 days. They claim that they work with all American funeral homes and will ship worldwide, subject to shipping fees.

I sent an inquiry if they made them for "husky" people, but no reply as of yet. Since they are made to order, prices are not listed, but how can you put a price on looking like Liberace when you're dead?

coddin 2

You can also buy ash boxes for your pets or your loved ones (there's a mother-in-law joke in there somewhere, but I won't touch it).

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