The Angola rodeo is back, after being canceled once this year already. The prison's famous rodeo returns this October and will be every Sunday during the month. The rodeo, despite what one might think, indeed is a family-friendly event. It features a unique rodeo experience with the cowboys being prisoners of the Angola Prison.

Annual Angola Prison Rodeo Turns Inmates Into Cowboys
Getty Images

Attendees can enjoy arts and crafts made by actual prisoners of Angola. There will be entertainment leading up to the road, and lots of options for food to enjoy as you shop around.

Tickets for the rodeo are $20 per person and can be purchased from their website beginning yesterday. Children 2 and under are free but must be sitting on an adult's lap for the actual rodeo. Gates to the rodeo open at 8:00 am and the rodeo begins each Sunday in October at 1:00 pm. Bring some cash and buy all the things you didn't know you needed til you got there, and of course enjoy the craziest rodeo in the world!

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