Luck was on the side of the new EXIT Realty building in Lake Charles over the weekend. When Realtor Josh Floyd go to work this morning and found what appears to be a 9mm slug sitting on the floor. As he looked up, he could see a hole in the ceiling where it came from. Like most businesses, the office was closed on Monday, so the bullet was not found until today.

Josh Floyd, EXIT Realty
Josh Floyd, EXIT Realty

We hear stories all of the time around the world of celebratory gun fire for holidays such as New Years and July 4. People will fire a weapon in the air, and the bullet ends up somewhere else possibly killing another person who happens to be under it. I won't bore you with all of the math, mostly because I didn't even pass Math 113 in college. Just understand that a bullet fired straight up can still travel up to two miles away from where it was originally fired. If it was fired at a slight angle away from the shooter, that bullet can go even further and arch instead of come to a complete stop once gravity takes over to send it back to Earth. That forms an arch, as the bullet begins to tumble back down the other side. A bullet fired at such an angle away from the shooter can be more lethal than one just fired straight up. Is it really that common for this to happen? According to a study published by PubMed, in just a single year's time it was found that almost 5% of deaths in that year were related to stray bullet fired in the air.

Floyd was grateful that no one was injured at their new office. They are now working to get the hole patched in the roof by their leasing company. If we see an EXIT Realty employee wearing a bullet proof hard hat and vest, we will know why.

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