He has taken the world by storm, along with the Disney+ app. Coming from a Disney+ original, Star Wars:The Mandalorian, he is known as "the Child", but the internet just calls him "Baby Yoda". The tiny character was introduced in the series being originally part of a bounty for the Mandalorian, but it turned into so much more.

As the story progressed, so did the world's love for the tiny green baby. Fans felt they were all surrogate mothers for the character as the series moved on. As Christmas got closer, there was hope that Disney would release a doll of him, but that didn't seem to happen. Until now!

Currently on the Shop Disney website, you can pre-order your very own "the Child" character for $24.99. The doll, according to Disney, stands at 11" tall and features his suede robe. It is a squishy toy with fuzzy trimmings, and we all need one! According to the website, once you pre-order, it wont be shipped until March 23, 2020. Also, the order is limited to one per order, so you better find some extra emails laying around if you plan on ordering more!

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