Well, here is some juicy but useless gossip in the world of Louisiana. At the beginning of the week, we learned that New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell had written a letter to the Dick Clark Rockin' NYE team. The letter stated Louisiana native Lauren Daigle had performed during an unpermitted event in the previous month and should not be rewarded with the publicity the national program was to offer. Cantrell's letter was apparently taken seriously, and Daigle has been removed from the lineup to perform during the event to ring in the new year.

It gets a bit juicier after that. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser got wind of this situation from the New Orleans mayor and pulled a contract that was actually helping the Crescent City help pay for the event. With no state help, the city must foot the bill for the event, but with no national media coverage from Dick Clark's team. Nungesser commented how Daigle has been an ambassador for the state for many years and that the NOLA Mayor has hurt not only her own city, but the entire state with her actions. Although there will be a New Year's Eve event in New Orleans, the Dick Clark Rockin' New Year's eve show will not be broadcasting from it.

The state of Louisiana has been removed from the entire lineup of places we will get a chance to look in on as we inch closer to midnight, and Nungesser feels it will hamper any recovery efforts for New Orleans during this pandemic as well as any other cities in the state.

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