We have all taken a road trip and encountered some dicey interstates, terrain, tunnels, and bridges that make us leary to travel over.  We are talking about roads, byways, and bridges that make you want to turn around and go another way.

We all hear about the infrastructure in the United States and have seen reports of roads and bridges that are still in use that have no business being in use. We have all seen the news stories of bridges that are still being traveled over that are 60, 70, or even 80 to 100 years old but are still part of the interstate and public highway system.


Such is the case in the states of Louisiana and Texas. When researching for the most dangerous and scary bridges to travel over in the state of Texas we figured we would only find one or maybe two. But as we dug into it, three bridges in the state of Texas are deemed dangerous and scary to travel over according to Google.

Three Of The Most Dangerous And Scary Bridges In Texas

#3 Pecos River Bridge

This bridge is located in Comstock, Texas, and is the tallest bridge in the state of Texas. It stands at a mindblowing 270 feet and hovers over the Pecos River.
#2 Regency Bridge
This suspension bridge, which was built in 1939, is the last of its kind and is still in use. We did the math for you and this bridge is currently 85 years old. The bridge is located outside of Richland Springs, Texas and the bridge's weight is suspended from overhead cables. On top of the fact that the bridge is 85 years old, the scary part is that drivers can feel the bridge move beneath their tires.

#1 Rainbow Bridge 

This bridge is located between Port Arthur and Orange on Texas Highway 73, is 20 stories tall, and spans the Neches River. It opened in 1938 which makes the bridge 86 years old. The bridge stands 20 stories high and has a 680-foot main span and 177-foot vertical clearance. The bridge has a steep ascent and descent, rises high over the water, and is visible from a long distance. So put that all together and this makes the Rainbow Bridge in Southeast Texas the scariest bridge in Texas.

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