Did you know you can use doritos to start a fire? My wife shared this with me? Is this true?

Let's ask some in Gator Country!

Alicia Hagen LeLeux I believe so. A friend used it instead of a starter log to get a fire going in her fireplace once. Lol.

Kris St James I would like to see for myself but the problem I fear is that the chips would not make it to the pit!

Josh Lowry Potato chips work better! almost all foods will burn that is how they determine calories.

Justine Zerangue You can also use McDonald's French fries as candles.

Karen Partida Doucet I seen them burn a flaming hot cheetos before.

Jamie Simon They're like fire out of my booty when I eat em.

Donny Trahan Frito's burn longer.


Now in my opinion, Doritos are the best chips in the whole wide world! Besides eating them with hotdogs and BBQ burgers, they have been consumed with pizza, speghetti, and speghettios! Yum!

Now just imagine how cool this planet would be if a simple Dorito can simply campfires! S'more parties!

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